Sales are a primary aspect of any business whether it’s a traditional one or e-commerce. The current decade has witnessed a huge surge in online businesses and websites that generate their income by being present online and allowing customers to shop from the comforts of their homes or wherever they are. Millions and millions of customers daily visit these websites, making it a hub of economic growth. The turnover that e-commerce businesses are creating is massive for the nation and its people to find items that suit well according to their needs.

It is one of the best forms of business today as the investment it requires to establish itself is very little and provides ample revenue quickly. Generating sales is an easy task when it comes to e-commerce businesses, as it is present at a global level with 24/7 support and automation, requiring less labor too.

There can be many reasons why sometimes websites cannot generate a good number of sales and extract a good profit out of it. The time, labor, and money spent on building e-commerce businesses must not go in vain. So, we at Uniqoe Media, present to you a list of 5 reasons why your website may not be generating the desired or sufficient revenue.



Traffic is a huge concern for e-commerce businesses. Lack of website traffic may result in less or zero sales, or the correct traffic that you actually need cannot find you. Conversion is necessary for your website to make revenue and gain exposure, if your 1% of visitors are not converting you to sales, then you must apply methods that can help you do so. You have to optimize your website with tools like Search Engine Optimization, referral traffic, and social networks.

You can also opt for paid traffic which is quite heavy for your pocket but will lead to better results and these include PPC or Pay Per Click, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other similar tools. Or an ultimate way is to go for a Digital Media Agency like ours to solve all your traffic issues along with the development of your overall business.


The audience coming to your website may experience bad navigation and due to this complexity, they don’t find it friendly or easy to use. A bad user interface and experience can kill the flow and may lead to less number of sales.

80% of people shopping for products and services online use it their mobile phones or smartphones, therefore it must be mobile-friendly. If users find it difficult to navigate your website, then you must look for a way to tackle this problem and give your user base a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Remove distracting navigating items as they may confuse the user.
If you are using a dropdown menu, you must change it as users find it super annoying.
Make your checkout process simple, as it consumes too much of the user’s time and they may get irritated and leave in the middle.

These steps really help and can get you sales that you have never seen before.


For sales to be enough, you need to use quality descriptions and fine images, so that people don’t doubt your product and affect purchasing decisions. If you think that people don’t read descriptions then you must know that people do read descriptions and catchy descriptions attract more customers than any other strategy. According to statistics, 50% of websites do not mention the correct product description. Additionally, you need to make sure that your product’s images are of good quality and the product is clear and visible. Many people who don’t have much time to read the description, follow images to make their purchases.


A slow interface can kill the vibe and mood of the shopper and lead to less number of conversions in terms of sales. People often leave websites if they take too much time to load. Sometimes, websites crash at a very high rate and lead to users leaving your page.
So, you must work on your website to test it thoroughly so that it does not lag or buffer too much and the loading process is smooth. It must load in not more than 3 to 4 seconds as users find it irritating and time-consuming.


Imagine you are adding items to your cart and suddenly at the shipping page you find a high shipping amount and other taxes making the bill look too much, wouldn’t you feel betrayed? It happens with many websites where shipping charges and some taxes only appear at the final billing stage, people often do not continue to those websites and end up not buying anything from that website.

So, to make good conversions, you must not hide such charges and make it reasonable for all that didn’t burden their pockets and make the buying process smooth.

These are some reasons why your e-commerce website is not making enough sales. You must find out why this is so and what may be other possible reasons for the same. The best one can do is to hire an agency like us to make their business free from all these encumbrances and an easy process to generate a good number of sales.