The E-commerce industry was already on the rise since the 2000s, but the covid era has significantly boosted the process and made it a mainstream industry and a need of the hour. And when such businesses are on the rise, how can the tech and marketing industry be left behind, this is when disciplines of Digital marketing comes in.
Digital marketing today is one of the most required branches of marketing as new businesses, startups, and brands are emerging on a daily basis. So, when it comes to Digital Marketing, UNIQOE MEDIA holds an esteemed position and has a remarkable record of providing solutions that are world-class and 100% result oriented. The full stack digital solution firm is one of the most known agencies for all kinds of digital marketing services. The team comprises people best in their fields possessing skills that can bring your business to a level that you have never imagined.
The firm is headquartered in New Delhi, India with an employee size of 11 to 20, and was launched in the year 2018 by its CEO and Founder - Aniket Sharma. The agency works for different e-commerce businesses and generates revenue from advertising, commissions, service for e-commerce businesses, and subscriptions. Uniqoe media thrives to serve its state-of-the-art solution which complies with current marketing trends and technologies to make your e-commerce business stand out. The services provided by the firm include all marketing solutions for small to large enterprises mainly dealing in Clothing, Apparel, Retail, Social Media, Beauty and Wellness, and E- commerce. When a business is set up the profits are directly proportional to the technologies and the creativity used in marketing and Uniqoe media is one such platform that enhances your market presence with its exhaustive services and trendy solutions. The tools used complies with ongoing technologies and generate results that perfect plan and fit the business model of the projects.

The Services Offered Constitute -

Social Communication-> Uniqoe Media understands how communications and social presence can reform your business and make your social ties more effective making you stand out. We help you understand what the audience requires, how they perceive your products, and how to follow the trends and footprints that can match the product with its correct audience or buyer. The current social regime is very inclined toward digital concepts and social media are a great way to interpret the information available.
  • Online Strategy
  • Archetypes
  • Information Architecture
  • User Flow
  • Trends and Patterns

Multifold Scaling Strategy ->Following the trend is what the firm believe in and making strategies that go with it. Uniqoe Media scales your products or services and enhances its ability by leveraging constant support and resources to make your business a success. The strategies are formulated in ways that help generate good profit along with sustaining the goals that lie behind the creation of the brand. We work on a cost model to spend less and gain more with world-class software and optimization processes.
  • Websites, web applications & webshops
  • Custom platforms and portals
  • Integrations with external software/API
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Process optimization
  • Hosting & domain names
360° Multi-Level Marketing Unique Media’s team of professionals are people having excellent knowledge and experience in marketing and know what your brand or business needs. A 360° marketing is a holistic approach for advertising it in a way that works on media, prints, internet, packaging, etc, and covers overall marketing tactics and campaigns to hit the maximum market potential. We help your business find potential sources that can generate traffic and align with the organization to benefit it in campaigns.
  • Support
  • Conversion optimization
  • Animation finetuning
When it comes to establishing and flourishing your business, Unique Media is a one- stop solution to all your marketing and tech needs. The firm takes care of every aspect of your business from the grass root level with outstanding first-hand solutions that are compatible with the main trends of the digital world. Visit the website to know more.

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