After data science, Digital marketing is the most largest and successful industry to go for. Digital
marketing has divinely contributed to the country’s economy and boosted the employment
sector massively. The industry is expanding and gaining popularity like no other industry and
thousands and thousands of people are entering at a rapid pace and making a living out of it.
The field is interesting, expanding, requires less investment and produces great results.

If you are fascinated by the digital industry and marketing interests you , the field is the best
suited. A career in digital marketing can take you ahead in future as well because the world is
going digital at a 100x speed and there is a lot of potential lined up. Apart from other things,
the necessity of having a good digital marketing skill can make the business or say the
ecommerce to a par level. The scope is wider and our country too needs to comply with better
digital marketers to compete at a global level in this boundary less world.

Before the basic, we just want to tell what actually is digital marketing –

You must have seen how a business works in the traditional world, that is it needs the backend
support of many regimes such as how to expand, advertise, what practices to include and what
to not, how are the competitors doing, what are the current trends, how to manage with
growth etc. Same goes with digital businesses, when an ecommerce business is being set up, it
needs the expansion and growth similar to that of a traditional world. It needs advertising,
management, support and most important of all visibility. The fact that they exist is what
matters and in the online world, the algorithm works differently. Everything has a proper
formula that a business is required to follow and that’s when you need digital marketing
services or support.

Here’s some essentials that you must know about the industry before you kick-start your career
in it.

Firstly, talking about the earning potential in the industry as it is one of the major concerns
while choosing a career. Well honestly, it’s not very much but also not very less than that of
other fields. It totally depends on how it’s done rather than what should be a set salary range. If
you are working for some reputed agency you may expect an in hand salary of 40k to 50k in
hand (with an experience of 2 -3 years) and in and around 50 to 60k if you are quite
experienced. But in general the salary starts from around 20k and goes up to 40k in a normal
company. If you are working independently there’s no limit as such. It totally depends on how many clients you have or how much you can work in a month. Average salary revolves around
3.5 Lakhs to 8.5 lakh INR per annum.

As digital marketing has become a need for every business which is going online, the regime has
many aspects. The concept itself is very vast and consists many kind of specializations such as –
Content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Paid
Media, Video Production, Web Developer, Content writing and Copywriting, PPC (Pay per click),
graphic designing, Social Media Marketing, Automation, Marketing Assistant or manager, Data
Analyst, Email Marketing and a lot more which you can try and get skilled on.

You can learn all these skills from whatever platform you find is suitable for you, though
learning from a reputed one gives a better chance but it is not limited to just that. Whether
paid or unpaid but to master it, you must start practicing it by doing some internships or
offering your services at minimal prices or just for free to companies which you may find on the
internet. There are many startups whom you can help and practice these skills making it
sharper day by day. There’s no degree required to be eligible for practicing, you just need to be
good at what you do and that’s it. Once you get your hands-on these above skills, you can go for
a variety of jobs and work profiles this industry offers.

If you choose the field you are wise enough as it has a significant amount of benefits which can
lead you to a successful career.

  • The field provides a dynamic perspective of this world which sounds very exciting.
  • The constant change helps you learn on a daily basis and helps in growth.
  • An evolving and fast-growing sphere where you can make fabulous connections for life.
  • The field required no proper degree, just good skills and there you are.
  • Demand is too high for good professionals and ultimately hints a secure job
  • The salary is quite handsome when you gain experience
  • You get to a variety of niches and how they work leading to a diverse environment.

The industry is very promising and the fact that it is the widest of all sectors today and connects
to the world in seconds, takes the center stage. This skill is trendy and can fetch you huge
profits. Career growth is very positive as it has a potential to expand.