Just setting up a business will not make it grow, you need to implement strategies and solutions
that can enhance and help in the development of your business. Digital marketing practice can
make your business stand out and help you grow with the help of apt strategies, solutions,
tools, technology and services.

There are a number of agencies that are well versed in the sector and render great services for
business growth. One such excellent Agency is our’s – Unique Media. Now you must be
wondering how you can choose it without even getting to know about our strategies and

Well, worry not, we promise to give you a glimpse of how things work at Uniqoe Media, its
success stories, the services provided and tools implemented. With a mission to digitalise the
Indian retail industry and scaling of business ultimately driving profits, Uniqoe Media handles
every difficult task for you and gives you the best of outcomes.

Uniqoe Media over the last year has significantly spent 20 lacs+ revenue on Ads and made 300
lacs+ in total revenue with 10 times better growth.

Starting with our services –

We offer an all rounder service for all kind of e-commerce business which consists of –

360 Degree Multi-Level Marketing –

Utilizing multi-level marketing techniques like push alerts, email marketing, search engine optimization, and SMS/WhatsApp.

Website Development –

Customized coding and responsive, user-friendly website building on top CMS systems.

Search engine Optimization –

Raising your website’s domain and page authority will help you attract more non-brand visitors who will convert to customers.

Lead Generation –

With our tried-and-true lead generation technique, you may achieve your business goals while still upholding the image of your brand.

Social communication –

With our remarkable content and creatives, we increase brands’ online presence across numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

E-commerce marketplace management –

managing and running advertisements on a variety of online markets, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Ajio, Myntra, Blink It, etc.

Our 10 step growth success funnel include –

Current Data Analysis –

We start by determining your current circumstances in terms of revenue generated, together with the techniques that are now working for you and those that haven’t in the past.

Plan Formulation –

After examining your current trend, we set up your ad campaign while reviewing the preceding steps once more to make sure everything is ready to launch as planned.

Funnel Audit –

A detailed point-by-point analysis of your current website and organizational structure is required for a funnel audit, which aids in identifying all the bottlenecks preventing your company from growing.

Testing phase –

After your campaigns go live, we do A/B tests on a variety of audiences, ad copy, and funnels to start identifying the most appropriate and desirable audience segments.

Sales Channel Audit –

The next step is to determine the platforms and campaign architecture you’re utilizing to advertise your services online.

Optimization phase –

The excellent client divisions that are most adaptable and set up for scalability are developed and segmented first.

Competitor Analysis –

We evaluate how your business stacks up against its competitors in terms of its tactics, branding, income, etc.

Revenue Scaling –

Whenever we have a plan that takes into account every variable, boom! We advance, and nothing can stand in our way.

Content Hygiene –

This step entails a thorough examination of the currently offered goods and services on your website or third-party platforms to determine whether the content is interesting and appealing to the target market.

Full Throttle Scaling –

After completing all foundational work, the loop method is used to maintain monthly recurring sales. The only way forward at this point is through effective and compelling sales methods.

Brands which are associated with includes –

Eka Stories, Saint Jones, Yellowsquash, Odette, Deep Roots Natural and many more ecommerce businesses.

You may trust your company to the highly competent digital engineers at Uniqoe. With a group
of imaginative people who spend the majority of their time and effort staying ahead of the
most recent industry trends, we can help you create the most effective and strong means of
connecting with your targeted users and growing your business. We are skilled at developing
your brand’s digital identity through a website, an app, or any other platform. Our marketing
team has experts with the knowledge to optimize your online presence on multiple search
engines, present your brand on numerous social media platforms, and produce leads for your
company from those specific platforms.

Uniqoe Media is your one-stop solution for all of your marketing and technological
requirements when it comes to starting and growing your business. The company handles every
part of your business from the ground up with exceptional first-hand solutions that are in line
with the major digital world trends.

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