A recent technological development is currently gaining massive attention, literally everybody
on the planet is talking about it - CHATGPT!!!. The world is absolutely going crazy over this viral
technology. The revolutionary technology has so much to know about, So let's see what is
special about it and why it is gaining such traction today. It's been just a week since the launch
of its paid version and already it is attracting a ton of investors from across the world.

What is actually ChatGPT?

You must have heard about ChatBots. Similar to chatBots, ChatGPT is a smart and very modern
AI that can answer your questions. This language model Artificial Intelligence Bot is trained to
perform and assist in a variety of tasks and instructions. The AI is more like a request and
response based process used for all niches and tasks. The tool is quite known as Large Language
Model tools.

The word Chat in ChatGPT is used because it is designed to make human-like responses and
converse with users whereas GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is a super-
powerful tool that covers all topics and areas and generates answers likewise. OpenAI, a
research company headquartered in San Francisco has developed this AI that behaves exactly
like humans. The technology was introduced on 30th November, 2022.

Simply in layman’s language, ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool based on AI
technology that is built to answer questions and assist in carrying out general day to day
transactions. It can help you with tasks such as writing an essay, solving a question or problem,
emails, coding, drafting and more.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) approaches are used in ChatGPT to
deliver conversational dialogues utilizing an optimized version of the same language (GPT 3.5).

You must then be curious to know how it works and one can use it -

Human trainers have been used in the development of ChatGPT using supervised learning and
reinforcement learning that ultimately assists in the performance of the model. The AI is still
under research and a lot of its potential is yet not discovered properly as it has advanced
capacities. It can help you with quantum physics and at the same time, write a poem too.

ChatGPT is fueled by a large amount of data and computer technologies that can make
predictions in just one go. It is more like an encyclopedic knowledge in all niches of all

Well, when it comes to AI, there lies some amount of doubt and confusions regarding its
credibility and safety. And yes, for sure there are risks that can harm a significant population if
not taken due diligence of.

It's open and free for public use and from February 1st, 2023, a paid version is also available
which is called ChatGPT plus. It can be accessed by simply visiting chat.openai.com and creating
an account on OpenAI. The AI can do a lot more than just provide basic answers; it can also
write essays, describe art in great detail, generate AI art and graphics, engage in philosophical
discussions, and even write code for you.

After signing in, you can right away start chatting with the AI, a step by step procedure is
provided below for you to start with it -
Creating an account on OpenAI
Accepting of terms and Conditions of the AI
Start working/ ask your questions/ writing or whatever you want to be done.

All things apart, if there are certain pros there are cons of ChatGPT too. Elon Musk, in an
interview had once given a statement that AI holds a great deal of danger for the future and
can pose a threat to humans, though if used diligently can be very beneficial economically.

Advantages of ChatGPT -

  • Cost reduction and savings
  • Satisfaction of clients and better results
  • Quicker answers and solutions equals time saving.
  • User friendly and attractive.
  • Diverse industrial application.

With advantages comes disadvantages too -

  • Possibility of mistakes and blunders that can affect business transactions
  • Sometimes it can irate customers and can lead to misunderstandings.
  • Upgradations may be costlier
  • Though it provides human-like solutions, it can still not give the intricacies and details
  • which a human can provide.

Compared to its competitors, ChatGPT is more effective. They might be useful as a technique of
gathering information in the near future. At the rate these developments are occurring, there is
no doubt that a very bright future is in store for us, but it will also necessitate a tremendous
extent of accountability from everyone involved in the industry.

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